5 Awesome Things You Can Do With A Raspberry Pi

In this article I will provide you a list of 5 awesome things you can do with a Raspberry Pi.

Local adblocker:

Basically, a local adblocker is a locally configured DNS that does not resolve the common ad websites at the DNS level. To be more specific, it translates the domain names to or (localhost), and so, the ad websites cannot be loaded in the browser. This is nice because it provides an adblocker for the entire network, all the devices connected to your Lan being protected, including the laptops, mobiles and tablets. The easiest way to do this is to install pihole on your Raspberry Pi and set it as the primary DNS server on your devices (or set it like this on your router)

File server:

If you need a basic file server, you can always install and configure SMB on your Raspberry Pi running a version of Linux. Or, if you need advanced settings, you can install and play with OpenMediaVault, a special Linux distribution created to replicate the features of a NAS.

Raspberry Pi Tor Router:

If you want to give a hand to the community and other foss enthusiasts, you could create a Tor node on your Raspberry Pi and be an active part of the anonymizing process.


Retropie enables you to create a simulator for all the arcade games you used to play when you are a little child. First, you need to install and configure the OS and after that, you have to download and install games on it. I have used it last Winter to play Mortal Kombat 3 with the guys at the office.

Media Center:

Last but not least, you can install either Kodi (previously called XBMC) or OpenELEC, in order to turn your Raspberry Pi to a Media Center. I did not configure this because I own a Chromecast.

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