How To Check Western Union Payment Status

Despite the fact that there is nothing about FOSS or tech about this subject, in this article I will provide you a short guide that will help you check you Western Union Payment Status.

I have recently received a Google Adsense payment and it has shifted from Issues to Paid, without me receiving the money, so I got a little confused and started to search on the internet a related case.

I did not know if this was a Google Adsense or a Western Union problem, but I posted on the Google Adsense forums anyway, and asked for help.

At first I have change the password for my Gmail account linked with Adsense and than I have waited for an answer on the forum.

The answer came very quickly, a nice community member suggested me to check the payment status on the Western Union page (did not know about this feature):

How To Check Western Union Payment Status

Next, you need to enter your MTCN number and hit Continue.

How To Check Western Union Payment Status

If it’s written Received, it means that you have already picked up the money. In case you haven’t picked up the money, the status will be Available.