Microsoft is making their Edge Browser based on Chromium – 3 Advantages for Edge fans

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they will be building the future versions of the Edge Browser based on Chromium, replacing the EdgeHTML engine.

As you may already know, Chromium is an open-source browser engine which is used by some of the most popular browsers, like Google Chrome and Opera, as code base.

Microsoft is hiding the Edge Project’s failure (at first named Project Spartan – a spartan that cannot survive, if you ask me) behind this, saying that they are just trying to build a better web, and indeed, they will be doing this. While Edge lacks a lot of features and is not mature enough to be a replacement for Chrome or Firefox, a Chromium-based version of Edge could achieve that.

In an internet world where Google has almost put a monopoly on the most important pieces of internet, Microsoft ditches one of their proprietary product and replaces it with a version where Google has more control, disguised as “make the web better.”

While Edge has 4% of the browser marketshare and Chrome is the leader with 65%, Microsoft tries to provide the users a reason not to use their Edge Browser only to download Chrome, but there may be some good things that could come from this:

  • The new Edge will support all the Google Chrome extensions available
  • The new Edge could become available for Windows 7, or even Mac OS as well
  • By contributing to the Chromium browser, the new features implemented by Microsoft could be easier and faster adopted by other browsers